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A new goal for Henry Beguelin.

The brand, which for more than 25 years works in the world of luxury, has opened its new

boutique in Milan, Via Montenapoleone, 9.

At the opening event, of the 20th September, have taken part customers, friends and people

from the entertainment world, gathered to celebrate with the designer, Tullio Marani.

The shop is not just a boutique, but a true atelier, where customers, from all the World, can

enjoy a view of the factory, located in Vigevano from the first steps of the brand.

The lower floor is in fact dedicated to a small workshop where craftsmen, expertly make

little reparations and speak about their World. The smell of leather, work tables, tools, take

the visitors in a World far to the Milan center, to show them how a bag or a shoe borns to

the leather.

A unique experience, signed Henry Beguelin.

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  • Posted on by Stephanie Wheat

    I love your brand and would like to someday visit your factory. Please send me information on where, when and how to do so.

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