The art of Craftmanship

An exciting event was held in the South Korean capital Seoul last month! 

"The art of Craftmanship" attended in our flagship store downtown tried to recreate the same atmosphere and environment that
we have in our headquarter in Vigevano Italy where our artisans produce entirely by hand the most refined Henry Beguelin products

Take a look at some shots we took during the happening!


When are we going to see more men’s shoes and boots in the US?!

pondini April 17, 2014

When are we going to see more men’s shoes and boots?!

pondini April 17, 2014

I just got a large orange bag for my wife, and she’s so happy with its light weight, size and color. I paid for the bag in advance and waited for a month. Now she wants the very same bag but this time in cream color. Hew—

Many thanks for a nice bag!!

Wook March 02, 2014

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