• Hippy Dark collection



    Black color and fringes are the key-words of Hippie Dark concept. Extremely modern, aggressive, trendy. The most fashionable expression of the collection. Strong leathers, first quality, but rougher, finished with only essential stitching.

  • Bohémien Collection



    Bohemian is the essence of Henry Beguelin. A back to the roots feeling. The shadows of the leather, visible stitching, washed materials, everything is heading to the craftmanship and Italian proficiency.

  • Active Bonton Collection

    Active bonton


    Active Bonton represents the modern woman: working, dynamic, avid traveler, who is looking for extremely comfortable shoes yet not willing to give up her elegance, with sophisticated bags and accessories. Crayon colors, soft leathers and modernity are the key-words of this theme.

  • Bright colors mixed together, ancient sounds but eternally current, unique and unmistakable tastes. Masai prints, ethnic fabrics and inlays talk to us about Africa in all its aspects.